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DMG Leadership Team

We facilitate the operation of the DMG registry and serve as the primary contact for DMG-related inquiries.


DMG Workgroup Chair
Ginny McBride, RN, MPH


DMG Medical Director
Paul Lange, MD, FCCP


Alternate DMG Workgroup Chair
Rene Maldonado, BA


UNOS Liaison
Alex Garza, BS

DMG Advisory Group

As members of the DMG Workgroup, we oversee registry compliance and investigate any potential non-compliance with the DMG Operating Guidelines. We also review research data requests.


Susan Nelson, RN, BSN, CCRN, CPTC

LifeGift Organ Donation Center


Ginny McBride, RN, MPH



Isaac Hall, MD

University of Utah Hospital,

Intermountain Donor Services Representative


Jennifer Muriett, RN, MSN, CPTC

Donor Alliance


Rene Maldonado – BA

Nevada Donor Network


The DMG Registry Web Portal is governed by the OPO members of the DMG Workgroup.

UNOS provides IT and Operational Support for the DMG Registry Web Portal on behalf of the DMG Workgroup.

All DMG Members sign a Participation Agreement to adhere to the Operational Guidelines of the DMG Registry Web Portal.

Each OPO in the DMG Registry has one vote for changes to the DMG Registry Web Portal or Operational Guidelines.

Participating OPOs

Cascade Life Alliance (ORUO)

Donor Alliance (CORS)

DonorConnect (UTOP)

Donor Network of Arizona (AZOB)

LifeGift (TXGC)

Lifesharing – A Donate Life Organization (CASD)

Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LAOP)

Nevada Donor Network (NVLV)

OurLegacy (FLFH)

Southwest Transplant Alliance (TXSB)

Texas Organ Sharing Alliance (TXSA)

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