Donor Management Goals


In order to aid the management of donors after brain death, OPOs use a checklist of critical care end points, also known as donor management goals (DMGs), during the OPO phase of management.  Many hospital catastrophic brain injury guidelines (CBIGs) incorporate the same critical care endpoints included in the DMG Bundle, as they reflect good critical care practices that would benefit any patient. 

Prior studies have assessed the impact of meeting a DMG bundle (defined as achieving any seven of nine critical care endpoints), with results consistently demonstrating an association with more organs transplanted per donor (OTPD) as well as improved graft outcomes.  In 2012, UNOS built the DMG Registry Web Portal to facilitate prospective data collection, reporting, and sharing of best practices.

1- MAP60 -110 mmHg
2- CVP 4 - 12 mmHg
3- EF/SFEF ≥ 50% or SF ≥ 30%
4- ABGPH: 7.3-7.5
5- P:F Ratio (PO2/(FiO2/100)≥ 300
6- Sodium≤ 155 meq/L
7- Glucose≤ 180 mg/dL
8- Urine Output≥ 0.5 cc/kg/hr
9- Low-dose Vasopressors≤ 1 pressor used and low-dose:
Dopamine ≤ 10 mcg/kg/min,
Neosynephrine ≤ 1 mcg/kg/min, or
Norepinephrine ≤ 0.2 mcg/kg/min
Connecting organ procurement organizations with donors

Connecting Evidence
to Improvement.

The DMG Registry Web Portal serves as a platform for OPO Quality Assurance and Process Improvement projects, Hospital Development and Donor Intervention Research.

DMG Information Packet

Donor Management Goals (DMGs) have become ingrained in the culture of many OPOs over the past several years.

The DMG Registry Web Portal includes data from 24 Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs).

Organ Procurement Organization Map

Number of Donors in the Registry: 22,363




SRTR Program Specific Report risk-adjusted 1-YR graft survival model variables added to the de-identified dataset for DMG workgroup members and researchers. To view the variables available in each organ specific dataset, please click on the following links for file documentation


Donor EMR Updates


Transplant Connect 

Created a fully functional DMG data summary page and export tool for seamless import into the DMG Registry Web Portal and continue to work closely together with the National DMG Workgroup to enhance and fine-tune the iTransplant DMG functionality.


Digital Donor

Initial integration in place.



Early discussion with EMR users.

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Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency

Region 3 – Covington, LA – August 10, 2021

Texas Organ Sharing Alliance

Region 4 – San Antonio, TX – March 2, 2020