DMG Registry Web Portal Reports

DMG Data .csv file 

This is a de-identified (by OPO, donor hospital, and dates) .csv file of the data captured in the DMG Registry Web Portal. 

Monthly De-Identified Dataset with PSR Data 

Since 2012, several OPOs have been contributing to the National DMG Registry Web Portal. Currently, the UNOS DMG Registry consists of 17 OPOs representing eight OPTN regions. The National DMG Registry Web Portal consists of >300 donor demographic and critical care data points plus the recipient outcome and risk factor data elements included in the SRTR Program Specific Report Risk Adjustment Models, including patient status, graft status, cold ischemia time, and delayed graft function (for kidneys).

Out of Range Values Report

This report is available to each DMG member and displays those fields that have out of range values. Each OPO is only able to view their own data. 

Single Page OPO Donor Report

The Single Page OPO Donor Report allows OPOs to generate a single page report for an individual donor or a group of donors within their organization. A majority of data elements from the DMG Registry Web Portal can be found on this report. The report has a multitude of uses from providing a snapshot of an OPO’s donor management for case reviews to providing the overall OTPD and SRTR O/E for a subset of donors that can be used for process improvement, hospital development, and improving hospital relationships.   

DMG Registry Aggregate Report

The DMG Registry Aggregate Report provides a de-identified graphical view of the DMG data that allows OPOs to drill down using various filters. The report allows OPOs to compare themselves to other OPOs within the DMG Registry. The goal of this report is to foster consultation and collaboration amongst all DMG members to potentially improve performance.

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